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“Engaging Ention to create my new firm’s brand has been a truly innovative, thought provoking, and immensely rewarding process.”

Ingjerd Leirstein Bøkenes, Sogn Dyreklinikk

Is branding for you?

Having a strong brand comes with a lot of benefits.

A strong brand enhances your reputation, increases sales, attracts customers and grows customer loyalty.

A bad brand on the other hand has the exact opposite effect. It damages your reputation, absolutely kills conversions, makes your existing customers leave, and repels new ones away.

Building a great brand is hard work. Some think only very big companies can do it.

I believe, instead, that every company, even one-person companies, can elevate and benefit by developing its own brand and strategy.

In fact, whether you’re aware of it or not, whether you like it or not, even whether you want it or not, your business already has a brand. You see, having a brand is unavoidable if you own a business. It’s not something you make, it’s something you get. 

A brand is what other people think and feel about your business.

Repeat that a couple of times.

Read it out loud.

Get it tattooed on your forearm, maybe. I don’t know. You do you, baby.

Your brand is a combination of all the experiences, feelings and thoughts someone has with your business. All these inputs form a feeling in the heads of people. A vibe, almost. This vibe is your brand, and it is what decides if people engage with your business or not.

You see, brands are not too different from people. If people sense a good vibe, they are more likely to interact with you. A lousy vibe, on the other hand, ruins your chances of any engagement, let alone a purchase.

Unfortunately, we can’t decide what people think and feel about your business. That would make my life so much easier. But, there are certain things we can do to influence those thoughts, feelings and experiences. This is what we call branding, and that’s what we do here at Ention. We can help you define, design and clarify your business, so that you have at least some sort of control over what your customers will think about your business.

Having a brand is unavoidable. So, yeah, branding is for you. It’s totally up for you to decide whether you want your brand to hurt or grow your business. But, as you already have a brand, why not make the most out of it?

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