Timeless design with the future in mind.

Ention is the design studio of Juho-Taneli Henell

Great design is powerful. It can make a small team look big and it can scale a startup to a billion dollars. Great design creates value. It can make heads turn and turn strangers into loyal customers. I’m a designer for many different reasons, but mainly because I’m driven by creating value for people and businesses around the world.

A Small Overview

Good vibes. Effective process. Meticulously designed. Pinky promise.

Hey, my name is Juho-Taneli Henell. Ention is the name of my design studio. I work with exciting businesses to design their logo and visual identity. I can guarantee hassle-free pricing, a no bullshit approach and work of the highest-quality.

Sound like a good fit?

High quality work. Simple, hassle-free pricing.

Low overheads means lower prices. At Ention you’ll find no fancy offices, company cars, project managers or developers. Only me. That means you’ll get the highest quality of work for the fraction of the cost of hiring a larger agency.

The trade-off? 4-5 people call me for projects every week but I only have time to work with 2 per month.

Will you be one of them?

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