Timeless design with
the future in mind.

I design timeless logos and brands for brave businesses and ambitious startups.

Since 2012 I’ve had the honour to work with businesses of all sizes from all around the world. I can guarantee an effective process, hassle-free pricing, a healthy relationship and amazing designs. Pinky promise.

Hey there friend

I’m Juho-Taneli Henell. I hope I pronounced that correctly.

You can just call me Juho. I’m a designer. Ention is the name of my little design studio. It’s simple, unlike my name.

Here you’ll find no fancy offices, company cars, project managers or developers. Only me. That means I’ll never charge you for having a receptionist. Which is nice.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting up a new venture or looking to give your existing business a new coat of paint. I can help you design a logo and brand identity that’s adaptable and that will last you a lifetime.

“Juho has an eye for design like very few that I’ve worked with, and I’ve worked at Apple for 10 years. Super responsive and great to work with.”

Filip Iliescu

“Engaging Juho to create my new firm’s brand has been a truly innovative, thought provoking, and immensely rewarding process.”

Ingjerd Leirstein Bøkenes

“Juho did excellent work for our company by really pushing the limits to come up with something that worked for our brand.”

James Middleditch

“I had an unclear vision, set business goals, and a vague idea of what I wanted. Juho aligned these three pillars perfectly through a logo.”

Nicolás Forero

Oh for FAQ’s sake..

What do you do?

I design things. Mainly, logos and visual identities.

Why do you do what you do?

Great design is powerful. It creates value. It can make a small team look big and it can scale a startup to a billion dollars. It can make heads turn and turn strangers into loyal customers. I’m a designer for many different reasons, but mainly because I’m driven by creating value for both people and businesses.

How much do your designs cost?

The real question here is how much value do my designs bring you. The work I do for you is guaranteed to last a lifetime. My goal is to design a logo and visual identity so damn good you’ll never have to worry about it again. That’s why a logo and visual identity will set you back about $10,000. I’m most likely a lot more expensive than other freelance designers, but I’m also a lot cheaper than most agencies. A perfect middle ground, if you ask me.

How long does a typical project last?

That totally depends on the scope of the project, how much time you have and my current capacity. Sometimes it takes a couple of days. Sometimes up to two months. The best way to know for sure is to ask me.

Do you outsource your work?

No. Never. If you contract me, it’s because you trust me. I’ll give back that trust, with hard work and an honest relationship.

Is it okay that we're in different time zones?

Not a problem at all. I have clients all around the world, so I’m very used to working with teams that are in different time-zones than mine. I’m happy to adapt.

Can I get a huyah?


Current Status: Available

Got a project in mind?

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