There’s five things you can do from here.

Four of the things will help you grow your brand in some way or another. One of them, not so much..

For one..

If you haven’t got any pennies to spare, head over to the blog. I’ve written some small riffs on marketing, branding, design, creativity and life that I’m sure you’ll find useful.

Read more, learn more.

For two..

You can join the super badass newsletter where I send out a weekly email containing secrets on how to grow your brand like crazy to help you 3x (or something) your sales

Paper planes made out of money, but in your inbox.

For three..

If you got some spare change lying around you can buy my 8,000-word branding guide. It’ll teach you how to take nothing and make it a successful brand. The best part? It’s not a 60+ module video course that jabbers on forever and ever and ever.. and ever. It’ll take you less than an afternoon to go through, and you’ll have all the information you need to build a successful brand for yourself or others.

I accept card.

For four (that sounds weird) ..

For a nice chunk of money you can hire me to help you design your designs and brand your brand. I’ve helped big brands such as Audi, Seagate, Lufthansa, and T-Mobile with their branding and design. Yes, I could have posted a bunch of pictures of their logos right here… but for fucks sake.. they’re clients, not shiny trophies.

Speaking of shiny things, if you need help growing your brand, here’s another chance for you to click that shiny button.

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For five..

Oh wow.. you’re still here. You’re free to do whatever else you like, by the way. But, I’m glad you’re spending your time on my website. Lots of love❤️

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