To the moon and beyond.

About Lunar

Lunar is an all in one cryptocurrency portfolio solution. It’s fully comprehensive tool for any cryptocurrency enthusiast. With Lunar. you’re able to track every coin in the market, manage or model your portfolio, see the community’s most popular holdings, get breaking news, ICO ratings and more.

The Challenge

I was asked to develop an identity that spoke to their target user base while also differentiating them from their eventual competition. For their logo they wanted a simple, timeless logo that could hint to what Lunar was all about.

The Result

I developed a new visual identity for Lunar including iconography, color scheme, typography, and the design of a new logo. To support Lunar’s marketing team in all future brand executions, I also created thorough brand guidelines. Through a quick and effective process we settled on a unique and simple mark that perfectly embodies Lunar. The mark is a combination of a traditional coin and the shape of a moon.

Next Project

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