Spices by Gaia

Spicing up a new marketplace.

About Spices by Gaia

Spices by Gaia is an up and coming marketplace that delivers a unique shopping experience with a broad range of exquisite goods from all parts of our beautiful world. There are many online shops for spices and exotic specialties. However, there are none who place enormous value on economic and ecological sustainability as Spices by Gaia while still providing customers worldwide with spices of the highest quality.

The challenge.

Spices by Gaia approached me before launching. They had just completed a strategic repositioning of their brand but they needed a visual identity that could reflect this exciting new space they intended to carve in the market.

The solution.

For this project I collaborated closely with Spices by Gaia. They had already carried out extensive user and market research, but were relying on me to bring their vision to life and introduce a fresh perspective from outside their organization.

Paying close attention to their new strategy, I created a new logo and visual identity, complete with bespoke illustration and, then rolled this out across multiple channels.

About the logo.

The logo is an interesting one. In Greek mythology, Gaia, also, is the personification of the Earth. Mother nature, in other words. I wanted to incorporate this aspect in this logo. The logo consists of two main elements. Two leaves and a branch forming the letter S inside the circle shape that represents the earth. However, if you look closely, you’ll also see the face of Gaia. The upper leaf forms her eye. The curve of the S forms her nose and the bottom leaf forms her lips.

Do you see her?

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